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Louise Wright - Nutrition On Track

Louise Wright

Louise is a nutritionist & running coach specialising in helping women who love to run, get on the right track with their nutrition too, and feel fantastic. A qualified nutrition and weight management consultant and an England Athletics run leader with 5 years’ experience, she is on a mission is to help others achieve the energy, wellbeing, nutrition clarity and results in weight they seek, to live life to the full, and run better.

She has helped 100’s of women on their journey to better health and fitness. With an encouraging and supportive approach whilst building nutrition fundamentals to enjoy a fad free, healthy nourishing nutrition lifestyle that can be maintained and enjoyed, clients become liberated from the on/off diet patterns many are trapped into.

Louise also helps many women begin their running journey through her thriving ladies running groups in the Chilterns. She is a firm believer in the combination of running and nutrition for the best possible physical health and mental mindset to feel healthy, vibrant, to thrive, and make the most out of life

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