Do you find yourself making a fresh start often?

Last week I met a new client, who was describing how regularly succumbing to a “cheat” meal… led to a cheat day… which led to a cheat weekend… and then a struggle because they feel like they’re back to square one again.

I think most of us have felt that way at one point or another: the on-off lifestyle. It applies to your nutrition, lifestyle and your fitness.

I want to share a simple mindset shift that can help you break out of that cycle FOREVER. Think about this and and it will make a massive difference in your long-term success with habit change and consistency.

Here it is :

”You are only ever one good meal (or workout) away from being back on-track”

Starting all over again doesn’t have to be a big build up, project and event. All you have to do is eat a healthy meal (whatever that looks like for you) or make it to your next workout – and there you are – back on track!

That’s because if you adopt the “one workout or meal away” mindset, you are simply living a healthy wellness focused lifestyle.

Don’t set yourself up for failure, and leave any guilt behind. Strive on looking forward, and you’ll thank yourself for sure!

So remember, you are only ONE MEAL AWAY!

Louise xx