From complete beginners to marathon runners, we all train together!

Running Groups Overview

As well as a nutritionist I am a qualified running coach with England Athletics and run successful trail running groups in Buckinghamshire called Move, Walk, Run!  

Move, Walk, Run welcomes ladies of any ability and we would love to meet you!

We manage the groups to be inclusive for faster runners and those building up too, so no-one is left behind and the session will be right for you at any pace, or any level.

If you are happy with 5K, at any pace slow, fast, or somewhere in between, and including some walk breaks, you will fit in just fine with any regular session.

Complete beginner? We regularly run courses just for you to build up and learn to run safely, steadily, and happily with the support of a group all on the same mission.

We have great fun at the club, and running on the trails at all times of the year is fantastically good for both our physical and mental health with a supportive, warm and friendly group of women, guaranteed to lift your spirits!

At Move, Walk, Run,  we have had great success with supporting complete beginners progress rapidly and taking part in 5k, 10k events, right up to marathons, or just training for fun. I believe running is for everyone, and certainly better together.

If you can’t join us, contact me for advice and support on your running and training plans. Whether you are building up to your first 5k or training for a marathon, I can help.

What You Get


Support with your progress


Real time advice and tips to improve


Training Plan


Experience with runners


Fun and friendship

Running Groups Buckinghamshire - Move, Walk, Run Group

Move, Walk, Run! View our Group Runs

See where and when we run, you can book a run with us here (based in the Chilterns, women only)


Start with us, come and try Move, Walk, Run!

Contact me if you’d like to start running with us, but are not sure which group is right for you.


Membership packages with Move, Walk, Run!

Fantastic value for our regular runners. Choose full Wellbeing Membership including unlimited runs, free coaching, recipies, and more, or a simple 5 runs a month value option. 


Advice & Support for runners based anywhere

Not local? Contact me to see how I can help and support you with your running, wherever you are.

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Group Programmes

If you are interested in joining one of our running groups, or any of the nutrition coaching programmes I offer, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In the meantime, you can also visit the Frequently Asked Questions section

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