Are you running, getting fitter, but frustrated not to see the results in body composition, energy and vitality you feel you should be?









Are you training, or running, getting fitter, but frustrated not to see the results in body composition, energy and vitality you feel you should be?

Whatever you do, weight isn’t changing and you just feel ‘stuck’
Feeling all a bit can’t be bothered with it all, often starting (then giving up) on a new healthy routine?
Food choices may be chaotic and impulsive and you just can’t quite get ‘in the zone’?

How would it feel to have a coach show you exactly what to do, how to tweak, adapt and change your own nutrition, in a way that works for you and your own lifestyle, removing the overwhelm and confusion and finally getting the results you’ve been seeking?

In Reset & Run you will reprogramme your nutrition, and finally learn the nutrition fundamentals you need to be in charge of your nutrition whilst I guide you through making change, to remove the chaos, apathy and get in control. It’s liberating! I’ll help you go forwards with maximum energy, feeling healthy & vibrant and finally seeing any weight change you are seeking. You’ll run better too.

I’ll coach you by looking closely at your current nutrition, whilst we make step by step changes right for you, with personal feedback and targets. We do this in a group setting for maximum support. The accountability in Reset & Run makes it happen every single day, and you’ve a whole team of buddies cheering you on, as you do for them. The teamwork is powerful – and makes it feel easy!

Before you know it, you’re feeling strong energised and fantastic, finally getting the body change results you seek, as you’ve overhauled your nutrition, are empowered by knowledge and feeling in control. Free from diets, and running better than ever.

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How Does It Work?

I created the programme as I was aware that many of my runners were getting fitter and fitter but not necessarily on top of nutrition, or certainly not enough to see & feel the change that they expect and want for the best health, energy and weight management – results come from 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.

This programme addresses nutrition, lifestyle & fitness as you need all three for health wellbeing and results!

why join?

Ladies join Reset & Run for many reasons, including weight loss or management, improvements to energy, mood, sleep, and habits or sometimes just to get back in control of their nutrition and learn the facts. We can tackle all of these. If weight loss is a goal, in the last group the participants average change was a loss of 10.5lb over the 4 weeks.
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What’s Included?

Reset & Run is a group programme with daily coaching from me designed to maximise your health, lose weight, really sort out your nutrition and lifestyle and get fit, with limited numbers so I can get everyone though. The group works amazingly well for encouragement, motivation and inspiration, whilst spurring each other on to achieve your own goals (whatever you are looking to improve) – which I will advise how to achieve. 


On joining Reset & Run you get immediate access to your very own membership zone, which hosts everything you need. Here you’ll get your own ebooks to download right away; a programme manual with everything explained in step-by-step detail, and complete with habit & trackers, meal planner templates for you to use and support you on the programme.

You will also get a recipe ebook with 50 runners recipes for inspiration. Breakfasts, meals, snacks and smoothies are all included, but you can continue with your own meals too in this programme. It’s really flexible.

In your members zone are the 10 knowledge modules to access too so you can start building your nutrition knowledge using the lessons and videos and support your Reset & Run journey. Work your way through the course at your convenience and go back to it anytime.

You’ll also receive a link to the private Facebook group, which is the communication hub of Reset & Run. Here is where I will coach you through the programme, invite you to the review meetings, and you will connect with the group. All the knowledge modules are also provided in the Facebook Group as well as your members zone, so you can choose how you access everything you need.

In Reset & Run, with the members zone everything’s all in one place, making it super easy, time saving, and there for you whenever you need to access. But you can also get everything you need in Facebook if you’re on the go, plus connect with me and the Reset & Run group here.

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Reset & Run 28 Day Programme Receipe Ideas
When the 28 days are complete, your membership area remains live so you continue to have access to all your materials. The Facebook Group stays open everyone who is continuing into a second month for continued Reset & Run support.

This is 1:1 style coaching within a small group.  We will be communicating daily and I will be right behind you, with everyone committed to doing, listening, and taking action. 

You’re running (or exercising) but not getting the results you want in body shape, composition or weight
You may be in a bit of nutrition chaos, or confusion and not making great decisions.
Cravings are in charge of you
Energy isn’t great…
You’re feeling a bit apathetic about it all
Often stopping and starting a health kick which ends up quite short term
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You can change your energy, weight, habits, mood, sleep, fitness and much more on Reset & Run. 

Here are the key elements that come together to bring the fantastic end results participants receive on the programme:



I need to know what you are eating and you need to be accountable. This is the big one! Every evening, within a private FB group I will ask you to send photos of ALL of your nutrition for that day. Send the photos in one go daily with your check in – and I will feedback with positive suggestions how to improve the nutrition that’s your everyday food and routines, to help you meet your own goals – we build this as the month progresses. 

With this plan, we are working on what you already do, tweaking changing and improving. This makes sustainability moving forward more powerful. 


recipe ideas

You will have the freedom to make your own meals within some guidelines on portion size, macro balance, and timings. Whilst a meal plan is not supplied, you will get a set of over 50 runners recipes as a PDF ebook and many more for ideas – breakfasts lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies all designed to inspire but not set in stone.


Knowledge is everything! On Reset & Run a nutrition course with 10 modules is delivered for you to gain a powerful understanding and support your decisions and choices. When you know what, why, and when to eat the right foods, it can be a real game changer. The 10 modules are listed below and these are delivered in your membership area, AND in the Facebook group as written units, with some videos and printouts, plus quizzes to check your progress.


Reset & Run is a small group programme and the accountability of a daily check-in has maximum impact for keeping you going, successfully and consistently following the programme and my advice how to make the right changes to achieve your goals.


Fitness – running is encouraged but not essential, I will set you all targets for your own fitness throughout the month.  You can choose whatever fitness you enjoy! For those running, interval training session ideas are provided for a fitness and fat burning boost.


We will be focussing on rest and recovery too and positive mental habits.

When you’re head’s in the right place, you can do ANYTHING!



There will be a meeting at launch, middle & end (currently on Zoom).  We’ll hit the ground running with everyone clear on what they need to do and I’m on hand every day to keep you going and answer your questions.  We’ll review mid-month and conclude at the end too.
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The programme is £149 and includes daily coaching from me, access to the membership zone and Facebook Community, PDFs of the recipes ebook & printable programme manual, habit trackersmeal planner templates and everything you need to be fully on board and make a success of the programme.

It’s important to me also, that anyone signing up for Reset is committed to a fantastic month, and will communicate daily, whatever else life throws at them! Let’s face it, things will we have to get through obstacles to achieve change. I will be here to always find a solution to keep you going through the plan with adaptations where life may have gone upside down.
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Reset & Run 28 Day Programme Salad Recipe
Reset & Run 28 Day Programme Dinner Recipe
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What drew you to Reset & Run?

Having reached my mid-fifties, and post- menopause, I realised that, despite doing a lot of exercise (including running), my heavily processed diet and a tendency to comfort eat,  meant that weight was continuing to pile on. I was obese and felt unhealthy, bloated and exhausted.  I started talking to members of Louise’s running group – and I saw for myself, the difference R&R was making to them.

How did you find it to start with?

I can’t lie – at first it was a struggle.  I remember on the first day, literally lying on the floor with a terrible headache (from the caffeine withdrawal), thinking, how on earth am I going to be able to do this!  It took me a while to get properly organised and get the right type of food / ingredients etc. I soon learned that it was important to plan in advance what I was going to eat and when I was going to eat.  That really helped me deal with cravings. This is where the support of Louise and the Facebook group really helps.

When did you feel you were making a breakthrough?

After the first few days, I began to feel less bloated and my weight started to drop. About halfway through the first R&R, the drastic improvement in my diet meant that I wasn’t getting the sugar cravings I had before and gave me much better control (for example in being able to stop snacking). In addition, I started to find that my running felt easier and I was getting stronger.

How do you feel now? 

I feel incredible! One week from the end of the programme, I have lost 1.5 stone from my initial weigh-in and have significantly reduced my body fat percentage and visceral fat.   I have so much more energy, I am better hydrated, I sleep better and have even noticed changes in my skin and nails. I am much leaner around my middle, which makes me feel great!  It is not just a physical change in me though. I feel that I have FINALLY conquered a lifetime of over-eating and now eat in a much more mindful way. I also feel that this is a plan that can actually be sustained .  Over the past 10 years, the times I have tried to lose weight have been by going on strict paleo type diets. They produce quick results, but are only short-term fixes, because they are unrealistic when you go back to ‘real life’.  I truly feel confident that I can follow the principles of R&R going forward.  it has been life-changing for me.



What drew you to Reset & Run?

After joining Louise’s beginners running course between May and July, and then joining in the regular runs, I heard lots of the ladies talking about the R&R programme, and how amazing it was. After an over-indulgent holiday in August and in general having my hand in the biscuit tin too often, I decided to give it a go. I was steadily gaining weight and couldn’t seem to stop snacking!

How did you find it to start with? 

From the very beginning, Louise is encouraging and drip feeds nutrition information to us, so we’re not just following instructions, but understand why we’re doing it.  For me, that is key, the education that comes with the programme.

When did you feel you were making a breakthrough in what ways?

I think within a week I was already understanding so much more about nutrition and about fuelling my body in the right way.  I managed to lose some pounds in the first few weeks too, which gave me a boost to carry on.  More importantly, I’m never hungry!  It is absolutely, completely possible to eat good, tasty food and lose weight, without feeling like I’m denying myself anything!

In what way is R&R different from anything else you’ve tried before?

I haven’t really tried any official diets before, and R&R doesn’t feel like a diet either!  It’s just a new way of eating for me, with a mass of extra knowledge.  Louise is on-hand all the time with tips and tricks, and a “pick me up” when needed too.  I honestly can’t believe I’ve waited until I was this old to understand more about nutrition, it’s been a complete eye opener.

How do you feel now, what do you feel you’ve achieved from joining the programme, and how do you feel going forward? 

I think the main thing I feel now, is control.  I don’t just dive into the biscuit jar when I’m happy, sad, angry, upset, bored and any other emotion possible.  But similarly, I can have a bad day and not fall back into terrible habits, I just pick up again the next day.  I feel lighter, physically and mentally, and that’s such a huge win for me.  Honestly, please please give it a go if you’re tempted, you absolutely will not regret, it’s the best thing I’ve done for me (alongside the beginner’s course) in a long, long time. Thanks Louise, you’re an absolute star.

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Over 4 weeks in a group of likeminded Reset & Run members you set your own goals, and are coached how to adapt your current nutrition & habits whilst learning all you need to about the fundamentals of nutrition along the way. A daily check-in keeps you accountable, and the group and me will get you on the right path, and then embedding those changes to end in a completely different place!

You’ll end up brighter, energised, certainly healthier and back in control (which feels amazing by the way) free from diets (liberating) AND lighter, if that was on your radar.

The average was weight change is 10.5lb in 4 weeks. I can’t guarantee this but if you’re ready and willing to make change, you could achieve all this too, and feel as confident, informed, healthy and energised as the ladies who have thrown themselves into the programme.

Reset & Run Programme
Reset & Run Membership Area



Staples shopping list and meal prep guide.  Be ahead of the game, organised & ready to go!



Save time AND boost fitness with structured session ideas to boost your running.



In addition to your receipe set, a sample set of ideas for everday lunches & snacks with balanced macros.



Understand what, why and when to eat the right balance.  This is a game-changer!



Lean and implement nutritional and behavioural strategies to finally crack your habits and cravings.



Understand how to fire up your metabolism, time your meals and burn your calories efficiently.



Train well and recover right too.  Learning how to use nutrition to support your exercise.



Why we need to ramp up colourful fresh foods in our nutrition for maximum vitality and health.



Understand & managing the nutrional impact of some of our key hormones that affect metabolic rate.



How we sleep affects our nutritional choices and cravings and how we eat affects our sleep.


If you are someone who has had a rough time, or also been on a diet for years, stopping and starting….there is a way to get yourself on track that is so positive and can really change your direction.

What drew you to Reset & Run?

Having heard about Louise’s MWR group, I plucked up the courage to join the 0-5K group at end of May 2021. In 9 weeks, I ran the 5K with the support of a lovely group but I had not seen the physical changes I thought I would. Lots of lovely ladies told me about R&R and seeing how successful they had been in making positive changes in their lives, I bit the bullet and joined R&R in September.

How did you find the programme to start with?

Initially, I will admit I was sceptical. Having tried every ‘diet’ under the sun, I wondered if this would be any different. It was daunting at first and I thought I would have to invest lots of time and eat different foods from my family but I soon learned how easy it was to incorporate simple nutritional changes which made a massive impact and fast

When did you feel you were making a breakthrough and in what ways?

It took about a week to ‘feel’ different, my energy levels went up, my mood improved, I felt I had some ‘bounce’ in my step again. Withdrawing the caffeine was initially tricky, but after a few days, that eased. I do have weight to loose, so I was aiming for that and it happened rather quickly. I have tried to loose weight during the lockdowns and nothing worked, not even the running initially but the combination of R&R with my weekly runs has made a bigger impact than I could ever have imagined possible.

I’m running between 7 and 8K about 3 times a week and I am getting faster and stronger which is amazing!

In what ways is R&R different from anything else you have tried before?

So, I have spent about 35 years ‘dieting’. I have rarely stuck to anything long term, jumping on quick fix diets for an event and then going back to bad habits again. R & R focuses on nutrition, timing of eating around your exercise and basically looking after yourself. I realise that as I am getting older, the quick fixes won’t work anymore and they do more damage than good. Life is busy, can be stressful and my diet was not supporting this. However, with the tools I have learned through the R&R group, my overall physical and mental health has improved so much in such a short amount of time and it fits in with my family life, which is so important and key to making it doable.

How do you feel now, what do you feel you have achieved from joining the programme and how do you feel going forward?

Having lost my Mum in January 2021, this year could really have spiralled and been one of the worse for me. Well it has been but having found the MWR community and the R&R group, I feel so confident about my health, nutrition and exercise regime now.  I have taken time to learn about the right nutrition to support my life and I am running with a wonderful group of ladies which 6 months ago, I would not have thought possible.

R&R has been life changing. While I still have weight to loose, that is not the main focus. I have more energy, I feel well, my stress levels have decreased, so many things have changed for the better.

Going forward, I feel more optimistic than I have in a long time. Joining the 0 – 5K group and meeting so many R&R graduates has really been a high light for me this year, inspiring ladies supporting their nutrition under Louise’s guidance and I am delighted to have taken part and will continue to do so.

Louise is so knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and both the R&R group and MWR community have been such a positive find for me.

Nutrition On Track - Case Study Gina
Nutrition On Track - Case Study Emma



What drew you to Reset & Run?

I have been part of the MWR running group for a long time and was hearing chatter about R&R but I had always dismissed it as ‘not for me’. I should explain that I am not great with food, I do not really like vegetables or salad and ate minimal fruit, I like white bread, rice, take-aways and chocolate, drink tea, coffee, and diet coke – so all in all not the perfect candidate. I let this view stop me from joining the group for at least 9 months – I was convinced I could slim down with running alone. So, I tried this upping my running to 4 times a week over a good period (4-6 months) and was very disappointed when nothing shifted weight wise and I felt just as bloated as ever. I finally decided to give it a go – a now or never moment – and the initial ‘weigh in’ was on my birthday.

How did you find R&R to start with – good or bad?

I was very sceptical to start with, I don’t like sharing things with people, I don’t post on Facebook and I am not really a social creature – so the thought of having to contribute daily to a Facebook group was naturally daunting. I found the best way was just to embrace R&R and just be safe in the knowledge that everyone was there for their own personal reasons – which may or may not be the same as mine – but that it didn’t matter as Louise the group would provide the support needed. I was also concerned that I had not really shown an interest in nutrition ever and that was I too old and set in my ways to embrace a change. I found it hard to start with, but it got easier and I also had great support at home which made a massive difference to my experience.

When did you feel you were making progress or a breakthrough in what ways?

My main aim was to lose weight – I am still stuck on what I used to weigh before having 3 kids and I want to get closer to that. The first two weeks were slow in terms of progress, I was eating all this new stuff (some of it I had never eaten before) and I was photographing everything meal/snack/drink – it was full on – but I didn’t feel like I was losing any weight.


I think the breakthrough came in about week 3 when we had not been able to run with MWR for a while due to COVID restrictions but were allowed back and the positive comments I received from the other girls about how I looked were overwhelming. The real high point was getting on the scales at the end of the 4 weeks having lost 6kg. I do feel that I have made massive breakthroughs in understanding the importance of the right type of food at the right times in the right quantities – something I was ignorant of before.

How do you feel now?

I feel focussed now on not letting the ‘new me’ slip. I managed well over Christmas with maintaining weight and re-joined R&R Onwards in January. I feel more in control of what goes into my body and why. Happily, I am still losing weight moving me towards the pre children weight – I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to there, but I do know that there are clothes in the wardrobe that haven’t fitted for years (and I mean years) which I can get back into now – that’s amazing.

In what ways is it different from what you have tried before?

I hadn’t ever really done a healthy eating / diet before this, I thought I could lose the weight through exercise alone, but this is simply not true – certainly not when you late 40’s. The best thing about R&R is it is not pressurised, there is no calorie counting – it’s not a diet more a lifestyle choice, 3 balanced meals a day, smoothies, it is down to you to make the right decisions and choices with the recipes and daily support of Louise and the group. This is what makes it so successful, it is a wonderful journey of discovery and you get out as much as you are willing to put in. I can honestly say it has changed my relationship with food forever – that is not to say I will not ever eat chocolate or have a take-away again, but now, importantly, I understand the consequences of those choices.

If any of my narrative resonates then don’t hesitate like I did, give it a go and if you are just starting stick with it and give it your all, it is only 4 weeks and I promise you it will be the best decision you ever made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight?
YES, if this is one of your goals & if you’re willing to make changes right for you & based on the individual nutrition advice I give each member of the group each day. To give you an idea, weight loss has ranged from 6lb -16lb within the group.
What will I get out of it?
Nutrition clarity – what why when you need to eat. Knowledge to underpin your healthy choices going forward. Habit change. Motivation, accountability and nutritionist support to achieve your OWN goals for the month. Weight loss, habit change, energy, fitness, we can cover it all. Body composition analysis is included too for relevant tracking to the healthy changes you are making.
How much do I need to run?
Doesn’t matter. if you have your own preferred cardio type exercise that’s fine! The programme is primarily a nutrition reboot, exercise complements it, whatever you can do. If you are a runner, I can help you structure your running routine. I only invite my runners though, for the contact we will have, and that we are all likeminded and have some connection – which gets us off to a flying start.
It’s not the right month for me – birthdays etc.
Firstly I’d say why wait to feel better? Whilst there are principles to follow, there is flexibility too! I just ask the team to ‘pick their occasions’. If you need a drink – you can!! What the group DOES do is help you pull back onto track quickly after any events/ bad days where you might have done down the slippery slope.
I’m too busy right now, not in ‘the zone.
I’ll get you in it! Why wait? This is the perfect programme for busy people which is so flexible and I intend to show you ways round frantic life, lack of routine, travel, stress, family. The hardest thing – is the decision to start. After that you’ll be on a roll.
I don’t want to cook different meals for all the family.
You don’t need to. I will give you a set of recipes for inspiration BUT on the whole the team continue with their current nutrition making tweaks and changes following my daily feedback. You will get so many ideas from how the others are eating too.
I don’t want to lose weight.
It’s not a diet – but a nutrition reprogram. Members of the group come on board for all sorts of reasons and whatever your current nutrition is we will improve it and help you achieve your own goals. Crack a sugar habit, confirm healthy nutrition choices, get organised, you name it. If weight loss is a goal – it’s always achieved. In January the members with a weight change objective lost between 6-16lb, and all had a significant drop in metabolic age.
I’m not really a ‘group' type person. I don't like Facebook!
I know you will quickly become comfortable with sharing as much or as little as you want to BUT I also guarantee the teamwork and support in the group is so powerful it will keep you going – and give a huge boost at those tricky times. For me – this is the best bit. Re Facebook – all you need to do it check in with the group once a day, and skim over any activity. I think you need 10 minutes daily online.
Louise Wright - Nutrition On Track

Louise Wright

Louise is a nutritionist & running coach specialising in helping women who love to run, get on the right track with their nutrition too, and feel fantastic. A qualified nutrition and weight management consultant and an England Athletics run leader with 5 years’ experience, she is on a mission is to help others achieve the energy, wellbeing, nutrition clarity and results in weight they seek, to live life to the full, and run better.

She has helped 100’s of women on their journey to better health and fitness. With an encouraging and supportive approach whilst building nutrition fundamentals to enjoy a fad free, healthy nourishing nutrition lifestyle that can be maintained and enjoyed, clients become liberated from the on/off diet patterns many are trapped into.

Louise also helps many women begin their running journey through her thriving ladies running groups in the Chilterns. She is a firm believer in the combination of running and nutrition for the best possible physical health and mental mindset to feel healthy, vibrant, to thrive, and make the most out of life


A 28-day nutrition programme for women who run.

Nutrition On Track - Case Study Catherine



What drew you to Reset & Run?

I’ve been a runner for years but had been noticing for sometime how much slower I had become and also how constantly tired and headachy I was always feeling.  I look after myself outwardly but I realised that my eating habits included far too much sugary snacks between meals and this was likely the reason for my lethargy. A friend had done the programme earlier in the year and I saw all the positives she had gained from doing it.

How did you find the programme to start with?

At the start of the programme I was nervous because although I thought my meals had been relatively healthy (I did often skip breakfast) it was the constant snacking that I was unsure I could curb.

When did you feel you were making progress or a breakthrough in what ways?

It was most noticeable at work almost immediately when I wasn’t wanting to nose dive into a box of chocolates at 4pm (my danger hour) because of my new found knowledge of regular balanced meals, I just wasn’t hungry!  If I did need something sweet, a R&R granola piece hit the spot and without the guilt.  At week 3 I really noticed the absence of headaches and my family commented I was ‘yawning less’.

In what ways is R&R different from anything else you have tried before?

I’m lucky in that I’ve never really needed to diet before but whenever I have attempted to stop eating the sugar, I’ve always failed because I just felt hungry and would give in.

How do you feel now, what do you feel you have achieved from joining the programme and how do you feel going forward?

For the first time in my life I feel like I actually understand food…”you are what you eat” is actually so true!

I didn’t set out to lose weight but by dropping the many empty calories I was eating I have lost some pounds.  But the most important thing for me, is that I feel in control now and the cravings have gone.  The positive benefits of how I now feel, outweigh the need for chocolate. Besides, if I do want to eat something sweet then I’ll have a piece of R&R apple cake which is delicious!  This has not been just a month of healthy eating, I plan on continuing this way going forward.  It’s not difficult, it’s achievable and I feel better, thank you Louise

5 reasons people don’t lose weight – even though they run!


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