Low carb, no carb, paleo, 5:2? I think I’ve probably tried them all! Honestly, I believe they all can work – initially. You will lose some weight, sometimes pretty quickly. Feels good doesn’t it?

How do they work? Apart from the “science” each provide some rules, accountability with taking measurements and weight, and the rules will inevitably change your current eating quite dramatically while you follow. Most involve eating good quality and unprocessed food – but just not from each of the food groups. You will almost certainly be eating less in quantity by following the plans.

What I can tell you is – after the initial success and thrill – I don’t know anyone who has sustained their new way of eating long term, or even after a few weeks. Fitting in with family and friends is difficult and you begin to crave all that you have eliminated from your diet.

There is no fancy plan! The only way, is to look closely at the whole picture – make a commitment to a long term change that you can maintain and enjoy without even trying any more. Its actually quite simple. A balanced diet provides good protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats in the right proportions to provide your body with all it needs to support its demands. If you get it right, you will be bursting with energy and good mood, and a healthy weight will follow.

Balanced diet is the only way – just sometimes we don’t know the balance and have lost our way. Here is where I can step in…

My comprehensive report will analyse your current eating habits so we know where to start. My advice and coaching will provide you with all you need to know to get it right, in a simple way that you are comfortable to follow and I will provide the motivation to make a permanent change. It will be learning process that you can follow happily and never look back!