My secret to healthy eating
Here’s how I changed MY relationship with diets

Set a goal,

Plan, visualize, journal,

Develop consistent, healthy habits, they say…

Then you will reach your goals.

But let’s face it,  how many times have you taken all the right steps after to get back in shape and NOTHING happens, or very little leading to disappointment, feeling miserable and a sense of it all being so unfair!

I’ve been there!

One day you’re in full control and the next, your goals have gone from portion control and mindful eating to caving in and that slippery slope to a rapid decline

Here’s how I actually started to change my relationship with food and eating healthy about 4 years ago now….

First it was knowledge: understanding what, why and when I need to eat the right foods.

Then it was feeling SOOOOO much better. I didn’t want to go back. Mental clarity and physical energy is a no brainer for me…

Soon after I was eating out of need not want, but still eating foods I love – as I wanted what I need! My weight rarely fluctuates much now.

My changes have given me an amazing feeling of freedom, my nutritional choices come naturally, and no longer play on my mind over and over and pulling me in the wrong direction so I’m stopping and starting my healthy eating.

I encourage you to follow these steps too, learn, adapt, and make all your eating intentional.

And remember, it is a healthy JOURNEY, with every small step leading to bigger changes.

Louise x