ALL colours in food provide nutrition – when natural! The colours are an indicator of the presence of phytonutrients and antioxidants in foods, usually part of the pigment responsible for the colours. Phytonutrients and antioxidants are the plant chemical compounds in foods that fight free radicals and are ultimately responsible for disease prevention and cure.

Antioxidants repair damaged cells ‘free radicals’ which are formed by various natural body processes during oxidation, think of rust, apple going brown.

Every day, no matter how healthy we are we are exposed to free radicals. It’s part of everyday life. Free radicals are unstable molecules that steel electrons from other molecules.

Many of the physical effects we call ageing are a result of free radical damage.

In today’s hectic and stressful world it’s possible to become overexposed and receive greater consequences of free radical damage.

Other factors that increase free radical presence:
Environmental pollution
Unbalanced diet & preservatives and additives in processed foods
Lack of exercise, and over exercise.
Smoking and alcohol
Even breathing

Protection by antioxidants in our foods slows ageing and reverses cellular damage. Antioxidants are the first defence against free radicals. Our bodies naturally produce some and we get the rest from good quality diet, lots of fruit and vegetables, and supplements if chosen.

However, if left to accumulate free radicals can build up and lead to more serious health concerns later. In fact free radical damage can cause premature ageing and deterioration in health over time.

Where can we get our antioxidants?

Consume a range of plant foods in many colours to achieve a good intake of antioxidants. If it’s a rich colour, it’s probably a rich source. Also foods such as green tea, coffee, cacao, garlic, nuts are all good sources.

You need to eat a varied diet and a large quantity of plant foods to ensure maximum protection. Sometimes Wirth circumstance we are fighting a battle against free radicals due to pollution, processed foods, toxins and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol.

Protect yourselves and EAT COLOUR – the simplest way to not overthink your nutrition – but make sure that it is giving you the protection and health you need to age well, and in combatting the onset of many many lifestyle diseases.

Louise xx