Are you trying to reduce your sugar and improve your health?

A high sugar diet, results in high sugar cravings – the rollercoaster effect. Sugary foods, drinks, alcohol & caffeine all have an impact on your blood sugar levels and ultimately your cravings and control. Feeding sugar cravings with something sweet, no matter how small, will just restart the highs & lows. 

Sugar can be addictive emotionally and physically, and when it’s got a hold on you, cutting back can be really challenging when cravings set in. These strategies have been effective with my clients in keeping blood sugars stable and will be an enormous help as you make changes, support yourself and put these in place to ease the process of cutting down, and get yourself back in charge:

– Eat protein and healthy fats with every meal. It will help balance your blood sugar and keep cravings and hunger at bay.

– Switch wherever you can to slower release fibre rich carbs with meals (vegetables, sweet potatoes, wholegrains). The body processes ‘white’ quick release carbs eg pasta, breads as simple sugars too when broken down, they have the same speedy effect on insulin release, and ultimately fat storage.

– Caffeine is truly unhelpful with sugar cravings. Caffeinated drinks raise blood sugar levels rapidly, then drop you in a hole with strong cravings for your next lift.

– I hate to say just don’t – but soft sugary drinks? The sugar in these is ridiculous, some equivalent to 7-8 teaspoons, and the calories are empty. Avoid diet drinks with sweeteners too, although they may be sugar free, the sweeteners can stimulate and trigger sugar cravings.

– If you’re drawn to sugar,  it would be wise to limit fruit juice, avoid dried fruits and, a large consumption of fresh fruit. The nutrients are fabulous but the sugar is high. Vegetables are great…and make some delicious juices. Berries are the best fruits to choose for lower sugar.

– Finally without wishing to be a party pooper, enjoy alcohol in moderation. It creates massive swings in blood sugar during and after drinking. Ever craved junk food when a little hungover?!

Let me know if I can help you..