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Make a start, get your nutrition, lifestyle and fitness back on track and achieve your goals.

I can work with you via a group programme, individual coaching, or help you get started, or support you with your running.

I also can put together a proposal for your brief on a bespoke workshop, talk, or course for any setting.

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Achieve your goals and get your diet and nutrition back on track. Please get in touch with Louise for your free and confidential discussion:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact me to discuss how I can help with:

        • Nutrition programmes

        • 1:1 Coaching

        • Running, getting started or improving

        • Group talks 

        • Workshops in any setting

Not Local?

All nutrition services can be offered online.

If you’re further away and can’t run with us at the group, I can help and

support you with your running too, wherever you are. 

Can I get Coaching Online?


I can work with you with my 1:1 bespoke service using Skype, a phone call, or email. Face to face is ideal where location is possible.

Reset & Run is an online group programme, and others are downloadable or delivered via an app.

Is 'Reset & Run' only for runners?

Reset & Run is a fantastic programme for any active women – running is not essential but it works best if you are already exercising.

How can I lose weight?

That’s a big question! With everyone I have worked with, the solutions have been a little different.

By looking at lifestyle and eating habits we can find the way that’s right for you. I DO promise you, there is always a way, and I will help you find it.

How much does it cost?

Please see the individual products for pricing, or contact me anytime to discuss.

Which is the best coaching programme for me to download?

There are a range of programmes and something for everyone. 

Feel free to contact me if you cant choose what’s right for you, right now.

What diet will I have to go on?

No diet at all!

All my coaching and the plans are based on healthy eating, with suggested recipes for inspiration and ideas but ultimately I aim to help you become independent in your food choices.

There is NO elimination, and you can make your choices – well apart from processed foods and rubbish that will do nothing for you!

Which running session would be right for me?
Move, Walk, Run welcomes ladies of any ability, and we would love to meet you!
If you are happy with 5k, at any pace, and including some walk breaks you will fit in just fine with any regular session. We manage the groups to be inclusive for faster runners, and those building up too, so no-one is left behind and the session will be right for you at any pace or any level. 
Complete beginner? You’ll love our regular 0-5k course created to get you ready over a fun 9 weeks course. 
Please contact me for dates, or to chat about which group would be right for you. 

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