My biggest client challenge, are busy women! Regularly starting anew with healthy intentions, only to find family and work life a huge obstacle in staying on track with their own personal goals.

Whatever keeps you rushing around we have to choose & prioritise our healthy intentions, over caving in to chaos. I now know that eating properly is essential, to have the energy to cope with the pace at which our lives are running, and the unexpected obstacles that crop up. After all we don’t actually save any time by eating rubbish…

I haven’t cracked it entirely but these small pointers will certainly help and DO keep me in some sort of order:

If you haven’t planned your meals, you’ll go off track. In extra busy times just plan 2-3 days ahead, always write it down, and order the food, or get it.

You absolutely can prepare ahead. Slot this in. 5 minutes before you go to bed, or get up 5 mins earlier, or set aside 5 mins sometime when it works. We can all find 5 minutes. Not a massive cook up but when I’m ‘on it’ my lunch is always made the day before. If I haven’t done this, I end up with a cheese sandwich absolutely starving frustrated, and fed up.

I always have in my fridge cooked proteins, salads, and in the cupboard pouches of micro grains. In a rush just grab that piece of salmon, salads, and half a pouch of micro grains this take 2 minutes to assemble and is a good and balanced meal. Other meals I try to cook once, eat twice – spare portions can be a life saver, and a massive time saving.

Watch your blood sugars. Caffeine, alcohol, sweet sugary & starchy foods, even in small doses, all muck around your blood sugar levels and then with your energy levels, and ultimately cravings and control. Be the boss!

Is a tricky one. If it’s practical, take something. If it’s not – just make the best choice available.

If you’re tired, you’ve little hope! Remember the effect on your hunger hormone ghrelin, and appetite control leptin which will lead to big sugar cravings and fat storage issues. Prioritise sleep and if you can’t do anything abut the duration of your rest, at least try to make it quality.

Eating well, doesn’t actually take any longer, in fact will save you time and I guarantee save your energy – everything will be better!

Louise xxx