Days are getting shorter, it’s cosy indoors and on gloomy days it can be difficult to find the motivation to get outside!

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and is essential for bone health as it promotes calcium absorption within the body. Amongst other functions it also helps with immunity, energy levels plus stable mood and preventing depression.

Most people are able to get enough Vitamin D – but if you don’t get outdoors much and some exposure to sunlight regularly it can be tricky to ensure you are getting enough, particularly over winter if long periods of time are spent indoors.

Some of this vitamin is consumed via a small range of foods such as liver, oily fish including tinned tuna, and fortified cereals and dairy, some mushrooms too (check labels). Unfortunately these specific foods  aren’t consumed regularly by some of us. But the good news is you can manufacture all the Vitamin D your body needs by the action of sunlight on skin – whatever the season.

You don’t need much exposure – 20 minutes or so regularly is recommended.

So – just one of the many benefits of getting out, enjoying the fresh air, whether its walking, playing with the kids, or just washing the car!

Have a great weekend,