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Flagship nutrition programme opens several times a year created for women who run

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Ladies trail running group in the Chilterns. Plans, running advice & nutrition for women.

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Welcome to Nutrition on Track. I am Louise, an independent and experienced nutritionist on a mission to help clients understand their nutrition, make great choices and eat well.
Through Nutrition on Track, I work with clients aiming for sensible, fad-free, balanced nutrition and getting back on the right path to feel great and live life to the full!
I’m passionate that eating well for maximum health need not be complicated, and I am a firm believer in the enjoyment of food.
You can improve your health, energy, mood, sleep and manage weight when you are eating well, I will help you get there, and never look back.
All my coaching options are based on simple solutions, and sustainable change, to help you achieve your goals in health and wellbeing. With a focus on providing the knowledge to understand the facts, I want you to be able to make good food decisions easily and independently – no more nutritional chaos.
“I believe you should enjoy food, for it to be a positive part of your life – and you to feel fantastic, energised and in control. Let’s get you back on track”


My flagship nutrition programme ‘Reset & Run’ opens several times a year and offers a group nutrition programme especially for women who run. I love helping many women begin their running journey through our thriving ladies running group in the Chilterns.  I’m a firm believer in the combination of running and nutrition, for the best possible physical health and mental mindset, to feel healthy, vibrant, to thrive and make the most out of life. Reset & Run is for you if:


Your energy isn't great right now


You are running more, but weight doesn't change


You often stop & start a health kick


You feel your cravings are in charge of you


Nutrition is confusing, you've tried it all!



Move, Walk, Run!  with Nutrition on Track is a supportive and relaxed trail running group for ladies, based in the Chiltern Hills.

Whether you are just starting out, building your running for your first event, or an experienced runner just wanting some company we are here to help. All ability sessions are geared for any runner who can run 5k (with breaks), and no-one is left behind. Complete beginner? Join our beginners course which runs regularly and we will get you ready!

All sessions are led by experienced Run Group leaders qualified by England Athletics.

For such a long time I’d been looking for a nutritional programme that would support my nutrition and fitness.  I was excited to be offered the opportunity to be a part of Reset & Run as I have first-hand experience of the value and benefits of being part of a supportive group throuogh my work.
The previous year I had joined a slimming programme where I achieved my ideal weight.  However in no time at all my weight crept back on due to bad food choices, high sugar intake/cravings, far too much caffeine, no motivation to cook and my fitness had gone from training for a triathlon (cancelled due to COVID) to very little exercise apart from walking.
Unlike Reset & Run, this programme wasn’t educational, it didn’t instil in me realistic, achievable, and long-term lifestyle changes as I learnt nothing about nutrition. I was running, swimming, and cycling daily but my weight wasn’t budging.  The programme allowed me to have sugary treats which were just fuelling my sugar cravings and affecting my mood daily. I turned up to be weighed weekly and that was it until the following week.
Reset & Run is completely different, and this is why it works! With a “check-in” daily & personalised advice, sharing of ideas, encouragement, and you’ll receive fabulous support from each other.  When group members have a breakthrough, we celebrate achievements and when someone is having a bad day Louise and the group offer support, solutions, and laughter.

“The 1:1 style coaching and support provided by Louise really appealed to me. I had no idea how life-changing this programme would be, it most definitely lived up to my expectations and more.

I’ve met some lovely new friends who I will stay connected with at the end of the programme”.


“Reset and Run does exactly as it states! The programme supports you to become fitter and make changes to your nutrition unlike a diet which concentrates on weight loss alone. It is a lifestyle change.

I am so glad our paths crossed, Louise has transformed my life and ignited my passion for running”.


I felt I needed professional support to optimise my nutrition and gain better performance with my running. I was running regularly but not losing weight. Some days it was hard to get motivated and I often felt tired during and after runs. Louise’s Reset and Run programme appealed to me straight away. I liked her style offering 1:1 support and a personalised programme alongside a peer support group.

I soon realised that I was eating the wrong food at the wrong time. Louise’s excellent feedback was always positive and motivating. She guided me through making simple changes that have now produced excellent results. If I’d had a bad day the group were always there providing encouragement. We had fun and bonded pretty quickly.

I have lost weight, have much more energy, running better, sleeping soundly and my skin is glowing. Total transformation in such a short time.

Now, I feel amazing, energetic and confident that I am able to achieve goals whilst being in peak performance. It’s all down to the excellent support from Louise and the group. Not only has my fitness improved but also my health and wellbeing.

Louise is a fountain of knowledge who is always on hand to answer your questions and provides excellent guidance on your journey. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the programme. I feel I have the knowledge and tools now to complete my first up and coming race an Ultra in July. I shall be forever grateful to Louise. The support, passion and fun she provides to women within the programme should be commended.


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